Spring Mini Sessions!

It is hard to think about spring when I look at my window and see snow and ice on the trees but I am confident that spring is just around the corner!! These mini session times are always a big hit and book fast!! Check out the details on the picture below and share with your friends and family!

Oh, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on to know him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring. Hosea 6:3


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Customer Appreciation Day!

It is amazing how many families and couples we have seen while we have been in business! It is so wonderful to see families grow up, add new family members, get married, etc. We feel like each person is a part of our His Hands Photographs family. Cory and I were thinking of a way to say THANK YOU and the best way is to offer free portrait sessions! Yep, FREE… no costs to you! Check out the details below!

When: Saturday, March 7th, 2015 (Morning or Afternoon appointments available) and Sunday, March 8th, 2015 (very limited afternoon appointments available)

Where: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

What: 10 min mini sessions 

Each session will feature a private online gallery with 10 – 15 images and 1 – 2 images will be shared on social media.

Prints can be purchased at 20% off our regular print prices. We will be also offering a special price if you just can’t choose and want all of the digital images. There is a $25 shipping charge for print orders less than $100. Shipping and handling is free of charge with orders over $100.

So, what do you need to do to book your FREE mini session? Email me at sam@hishandsphotographs.com and let me know if you prefer morning or an afternoon time for Saturday or a Sunday session. There will be limited session slots so you do not want to wait to schedule your session! Last year our mini sessions were full in 5 hours! We will collect all the requests for session times and will respond by Saturday morning (Feb. 14th) with final times. If you cannot make a particular time or you need an earlier time, we will do our best to honor your request. Please no phone calls and ALL requests must come through our email. NO facebook messages.

We are so grateful for each client that has trusted us over the years to document your family and this is a small way to say… THANK YOU!!

P.S. Immediate family only. Must be a client of His Hands Photographs (wedding, family, senior, etc.) Images will be posted to social media (Facebook, Instagram and/or twitter). Please do not sign up for a session if you are not ok with your family’s session being shared online.

In the event of rain or cold temperatures (below 50 degrees) , the day will be rescheduled. We will make every attempt to reschedule on a date where everyone can attend the make up date.

His Hands Photographs_001 His Hands Photographs_002 His Hands Photographs_003 His Hands Photographs_004 His Hands Photographs_005 His Hands Photographs_006 His Hands Photographs_007 His Hands Photographs_008 His Hands Photographs_009 His Hands Photographs_010 His Hands Photographs_011 His Hands Photographs_012 His Hands Photographs_013 His Hands Photographs_014 His Hands Photographs_015

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  1. Jennifer Battle

    I love you guys! Is this for real?!?!

  2. hishands

    Yes, mam! Email me for a spot. I would love to see your sweet girls!

  3. Gretchen

    Anna has a softball tourn that weekend…both Sat & Sun :(

  4. Greta Greene

    The Greene’s want to book

  5. Jennifer Walker

    We are so grateful for your talents and generous spirits!


His Hands Missions – 2014 in Review!

We have always used our business to serve others. We feel like it’s our calling to use our life to love people in the name of Christ. We have always felt uncomfortable sharing what we give away because we would feel like we were boasting. Since becoming short-term missionaries with Globe International in 2012 we have had some amazing partners that have made a way for us to do even more by donating to our ministry. We want to be accountable to these partners who have made more ministry possible. We had a wonderful year and it has been such a blessing to review all the places where God called us to use our photography to serve in 2014.

In January, we traveled as a family to Livingstone, Zambia in Africa with Grace Klein Community. We traveled to serve the Kwathu Children’s Home. The entire group raised funds to complete a fence as well as money for a roof for the new home. Cory helped with some of the fence and roof construction while there, at the same time documenting it through pictures.

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_015

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_03His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_04

We also photographed the Kwathu children. With those portraits we were able to design a 2015 calendar to sell in the states to raise money for their new home, design bookmarks that have been handed out to raise both awareness and prayers for the children, and yet another fundraising calendar distributed in Germany. Then we sent prints back to the children as gifts.

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_026

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_010 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_09 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_08His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_024

We spent an afternoon with the directors of the Kwathu home, Agrippa and Jeanette Phiri, giving their family a personal session at sunset on the Zambezi River. It was an amazing opportunity to give this couple, one that gives so much to so many, a family session with their children!

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_02His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_01

During the trip, we also traveled into another village close to Kwathu and photographed children at a local preschool. Using our cameras, we saw faces light up and smiles shine, and brought encouragement to the director of the school who lives day by day trying to feed dozens with both food and knowledge. After we returned to the USA, we were able to send prints back to all of the families and ministries in Zambia, Africa. It was an amazing trip and it was incredible to see God use our photography as a means to love so many. Our own children also served alongside us and it is amazing to see them being used by God to serve! Below are just a few of my favorites from the trip. And here’s another blogpost with some more: http://www.hishandsphotographs.com/2014/02/highlights-zambia-missions-trip-hands-photographs-missions/

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_011 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_012 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_013 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_014

In February, we hosted missionaries,  Cornelius Ngosa and his then fiancee Primadonna Shimboomba (they are now married!). They were in America with Grace Klein Community sharing about their Library Dream Project in South Africa. We were able to host them in Orange Beach, Alabama for a week. This helped them to share in the area, we were able to give them an engagement session at our beautiful beaches, and design a save the date card. It was a wonderful time connecting with this amazing couple!

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_05His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_06

In May we traveled to Pensacola for the Globe International Missions Conference. This was our 3rd year to attend and it is always a great experience to meet so many missionaries from Globe and hear their calling. We attended the conference as missionaries and it was wonderful to be part of a few classes taught by some members from the Globe staff during the week. We also offered quick head shot sessions to around 30 missionaries for updated portraits. We were so happy so see that they were used for everything from websites to newsletters and beyond!

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_016 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_017

While we were still in Pensacola we did an outreach in an inner-city community in Pensacola. We went with Cody Matthews and The Cross Church offering free family portraits. We also prayed with many of the families we photographed. This was our second year doing this and it was once again a beautiful event. Afterwards, we sent prints back to the church so that the members could deliver them personally. Doors were opened that never have been opened before and the church has been able to minister to their community in a special way.

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_018 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_019 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_020

Not long after we returned home in Birmingham, which was at the end of May, we started a 15 week training course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Wow, talk about intense! Perspectives is a required course to be part of Globe International and it’s designed around four vantage points or “perspectives” — Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. Each one highlights different aspects of God’s global purpose. The final exam for the course was to write a strategic plan to target an unreached people group for church planting and exactly how you would accomplish that. Although His Hands Mission’s focus is not on church planting, we learned so much. We learned about God’s view of “missions”, our purpose as the Church to reach every kind of people group, how to understand different cultures while serving them with the purpose bringing them into God’s love, as well as the history of missions. It was an incredible course which prepared us for our future journey and actually helped reshape our ministry in so many ways!

Over the course of both August and September, for the third year we photographed another 12 clients of Sav-a-Life Vestavia. Sav-a-life uses the images for marketing purposes throughout the year and also uses the images to design their yearly calendar. We also document several other events for the ministry throughout the year. We have been volunteers for them for 7 years and deeply believe in the work they tirelessly do every day. When you look into the eyes of the families and babies that have been saved, it makes everything so real and worthwhile. The calendar participants are given a family portrait session which includes prints and a disk of the images for their personal use.

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_025

His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_021 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_022 His Hands Photographs Missions_2014_023

Along with everything above, we were blessed by being able to photograph 29 more portrait sessions that we call “serve-sessions“. These are for pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries, and a few others which we feel God leads us to serve. All of these are given free of charge and each person receives a disk with printing rights for personal use. For pastors and missionaries we also offer our design skills for things like prayer cards and any marketing materials needed. This is a wonderful way to serve the people that, in turn, serve so many others for the sake of the Gospel of Christ.

We have to say, without a doubt, that many of the projects could not be completed without our partners who have donated through Globe International or Liberty Church. We were able to serve and love so many others because you came along beside us and invested in God’s Kingdom. THANK YOU to each and every partner. We praise God for you! We use both our business profits and your donations to make this happen. This includes a huge “Thank you!” to all of our clients, including family portraits and wedding couples, that have trusted us to document your life. You have not only provided for our family, but you’ve also provided for many of our service projects.

So, you might be wondering, “What is next for His Hands Missions?” There are some things we are certain about and some things we need you to step out and pray for with us. For certain…we’re are continuing our “serve-sessions” to whomever God leads us to such as pastors, missionaries, and ministries. We also have a couple of local ministries planned for 2015 to serve.

Our photography service is needed by many missionaries and ministries. Currently we have been invited to visit at least 11 countries. The reality of this has made us stop and catch our breath by spending the New Year seeking God’s will on what our next trip will be. We often use the first of the year to catch up on business details such as taxes and marketing for the next year and we are doing the same with our ministry. Please, would you join us in prayer as we ask God where we would be most effective in bringing Him Glory? Once we have a clear direction , we will share with you where He has asked us to serve! In the meantime, we will continue to serve locally. For now all money that has been raised and will be raised is being collected in our Globe missions account for our next trip. God led us to so many amazing people in 2014 and we are confident that He is will lead us to those He wants us to serve in 2015. It is all about Him and sharing His glory with everyone!

“But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out His special favor on me…” – 1 Corinthians 15:10

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  1. Peggy Bullard

    Amazing God!!! When we first heard about photographers using their ministry to serve the the Lord we thought “How can that be?”. We took time to listen and look and realized God was REALLY in your ministry. You are able to bless those who serve so faithfully but also reach out to so many who would never be able to have a photograph made and thereby share Jesus for the reason for your service. Not to mention opening doors into their neighborhoods by local churches simply because “you” came, “you” photographed, “you” gave time and money. Lives are changed because you were there and some you will never know until we gather around God’s throne. When I looked at the picture of your precious son surrounded around about by all the children I can see you guys surrounded by all those you’ve ministered to coming to “thank you”. Think it will be multitudes because I see them showing their pictures and telling about the couple who made them, their children and their God that was shared with them….then their friends, their families and on and on and on it goes. Blessings for a job well done. Sonny & Peggy Bullard