Portrait sessions

The pricing for portrait sessions is really easy.  All of the sessions are $300 and include $200 credit towards prints and products, except for Beach and Newborn sessions (Please see below for newborn and beach session prices).  I have many types of sessions to meet your needs for each stage in your life.  Browse the list below for the specific details of what each one includes!

Family & Children
The family sessions are so much fun!  Whether it’s just you and your spouse or if you have lots of beautiful children, I am excited to photograph your family in a way that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Family portrait sessions are for immediate family only (dad, mom, and children, up to 8 people total).  If you’re interested in including extended family members then please let us know.  There’s only a $10 charge per person outside of immediate family.His Hands Photographs Fall Sessions_0005
Engagement sessions are most wedding package! This gives us time to hang out before the wedding and get to know each other (and you get fabulous awesome portraits to decorate your new home!) But, if you just want an engagement session, I can do that too! We can work together to come up with perfect location! The location should reflect your new relationship together and how your personalities blend (or contrast) with one another.  For example, one of you might be “city” while the other is “country”.   We actually have locations close together which show both styles. And if you still aren’t sure what you want in a location? Don’t worry because I can figure out the perfect place!Hand060
High School Senior
One of the most fascinating times in a person’s life is being a senior in high school.  Right before you’re released into the entire world, these are the last moments being exactly who you are right now.  Capture your personality and share it with your friends.You’re not only welcome to bring a change of clothes, but you’re encouraged to do it!  In fact, bring as many sets of the clothing that you feel most comfortable in and we’ll pick out what matches the location best.  Most seniors use about two to four changes when it’s all said and done, but bring several more to choose from. We will figure out the best place for unique images that you will love too!Terry100


Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting things that can happen to your family, whether this is your first or one of many!  And, expecting a newborn is also a very unique time in mom’s life.  Don’t miss this opportunity to document you and your new child in a way that will never be the same again.  Bring your husband and, if this isn’t the first you’re expecting then please bring the other children too! I offer a special deal when pre-scheduling your newborn session with His Hands Photographs. When you book your newborn session with me, I include a fee mini session fee for your maternity session. This includes a 20 min session fee in the Hoover/Over The Mountain Area. This gives us time to discuss the newborn session and if you have other children, it gives me time to take portraits of them before little brother or little sister comes along!Pate025
What can be more precious than your brand new baby?  Nothing can compare to the feeling of holding a new life in your arms.  In the first two weeks of life your newborn will be unlike anyone else and this is also the best time to record who they are as a tiny package of joy! But if you wait a little longer than within two weeks of birth, that is fine! Any session within 8 weeks of birth is considered a newborn session. This session will focus mainly on baby, but mom and dad are encouraged to join in (and of course siblings!!).  It’s typically done in your home since that’s the most comfortable and convenient place for both baby and family but if the weather is right, there are many locations we can schedule your newborn session. .Newborn babies need a lot more attention than a regular portrait session with things like feeding and changing baby along with taking time to calm them every now and then.  I also bring TONS of props and I love when you have ideas and props that you want to use also! A newborn session is $300 with a $100 print credit..
I absolutely love beach sessions!  If you look through the blog then you’ve probably already figured this out.  It’s really hard to beat just how beautiful the scenery is and how perfect the lighting can be. While I have been to several beaches from California to Florida, our favorites are right here in the Gulf of Mexico.  We typically travel from Birmingham to the Gulf several times a year and love the beaches from Mobile, Alabama all the way to Pensacola, Florida.  The session fee for a beach session is $400 with a $200 print credit. To know if I am available for the time you will be in the Gulf Coast area, please send me an email and we can discuss possible dates!Sellers014


Within three weeks I will release your private online gallery with the proofs from your session. Your print credit is valid if I have your order within 14 days and then payment within 10 days of receiving your invoice.  After 30 days your online gallery expires and the portraits are archived for 6 months.

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