Congratulations, You're Engaged! - Wedding Sale!?!?

Wedding Sale and the 2013 "Best Of"

Since we only take limited amount of weddings a year we rarely run specials on our wedding packages but we wanted to offer a very rare special for all of our couples that book a 2014 wedding between now and the end of February (2/28/2014) . If you have been waiting to book, now is the time! With every wedding contract signed we have a gift of a 16×20 fine art canvas. That is a $450 value!! WHOA??!! That is a big deal!! Cory and I both love canvases and we have our favorite images displayed on canvas. Our canvases are high quality, classic, and timeless!!

A few extra details, we will be traveling to Zambia on a mission trip Jan 16th – Jan 29th, we will be unavailable to sign contracts during that time. We will be also traveling at the end of February so don’t wait to the last minute to meet with us. Good deal! I can’t wait to meet the wonderful couples we’ll see this year!

Oh, one more thing. Even if you're not engaged, please pass this onto anyone you know who IS ENGAGED! They'll certainly appreciate you for it and so will we! If you refer a wedding to us and they actually book us, we'll give you a free portrait session. It's something we've always done as a way of saying thank you for supporting our small business (and our family!)

Follow this link to see our 2013 Best Of slideshow!

2013 Wedding Favorites

Is our DSLR Camera workshop for you???

Did you…

…beg your significant other for months for a new “fancy” camera so you could take perfect pictures? Did you open up the camera, turn it on, and start shooting only to learn… that the pictures looked pretty much the same as your last camera? Are you beginning to wonder why you spent so much money on this new camera if it doesn’t take awesome pictures???

Or have you…

…had your camera for a while now. You turn on the power button and shoot in Auto mode, but you aren’t getting the results you want consistently. You know your DSLR camera can take better pictures, but when you decide to try out shooting in Manual mode (or anything else) everything is either BLACK, solid WHITE, or just plain looks horrible. Out of frustration you turn that pretty little dial back to Auto because you know you can at least get a good picture or two. Yet still, you know there is a better way…..

Or maybe…

…you know what you LOVE in a picture. When the conditions are perfect, your composition is wonderful. When you take a perfect picture everyone raves and asks you if you could take pictures of them. But, you decline because you know that you took 100 pictures that day and only 5 turned out useable. You think to yourself, “Maybe one day I can start a photography business, but I have to get the basics down first, practice a lot, etc., etc…”

Did you see yourself in any of the above scenarios? If so, then our DSLR Camera workshop is for you! We had a blast in our last workshops and it’s awesome to see so many of our moms now shooting in Manual mode getting the pictures they REALLY want of their kids! We understand that what you really want is to know how to take great pictures of everyday life: your kids playing sports, doing dance, making faces, crying, being smart, being silly, and any other milestone that’s important to you! As parents we feel that it’s our job to document who our children are as people while they grow up in front of our eyes. There are a lot of ways we try to do this, and for me it started out as baby books, one of which I never finished and the other I never started. But, one thing that stays constistent is, like most parents, I continue to take pictures!

What you will learn?

Photography Basics – What each part of good photograph is (f-stop or aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, etc.) and how those elements work together to make great pictures!

Composition – Once you learn how to operate your camera, composition will teach you how to make a good picture in practically any environment. Or, it can show you how you can take an everyday picture and make it one of a kind.

Tip and Tricks – suggestions on how to photograph every age group, how to choose the right location, how to use your external flash if you have one (or how to turn your off your pop-up flash if you don’t :-P ), how to shoot in difficult lighting, basic editing after the picture is taken, and so much more!!

We will also have an hour of question and answer time with YOUR camera. This was a big hit in our last workshop!

Our workshop is taught by both Cory and I so you get a great mix of both of our skills. Cory is crazy smart about the technical part of photography and I have lots of tricks about how to work with your kids and strange lighting situations. The heart of our class is that you walk away with an understanding of how to work YOUR camera and capture all the priceless moments from your family.


What do you need for the class?

A DSLR Camera and the camera manual!! That is all! No experience needed. If you have external flash or extra lenses, please bring them but they are not required!

Date: Saturday March 1st 2014, 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Cost: $250 for 5 hours of instruction and a lovely catered lunch. : )

Schedule for the day:

8:30 – Class starts – We'll teach you the “photography basics” along everything you ever wanted to know about your camera.

11:00 - Question and Answer - Ask whatever you'd like while you enjoy a catered lunch with us!

12:00 – Hands-On Class – This will put into practice all you’ve just learned with us providing models of several age groups along with personal guidance from each of us. Cory and I both will be there to walk you through all of your camera settings, composition, etc.

1:30 – Class Ends - and you go home the new, hip photographer mom that you are OR you stick around for our Photoshop class!!

We’ll also have a lot of stuff to take home with you! We will be giving out a great book with everything we taught, but we have a few extras we are going to throw in too! We want you to have everything you need once you leave the workshop!

Photoshop Editing Class

As requested, we're going to add an extra class covering photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. (We can also help you with Photoshop Elements, but it's not officially covered in this course.) There is an extra cost for this class and it’s open to anyone. It will start at 2:00 and go until 4:00 and, just to be clear, you do not have to attend our photography class to attend our Photoshop class. During the Photoshop class, we will be editing a set of pictures from straight-out-of-camera until the final product! You are welcome to bring your laptop and edit along with us using YOUR pictures! You will go home knowing how we edit our pictures along with a take-home sheet of quick tips showing what we covered in the class!


What do you need for the class?

Adobe Photoshop CS or newer (or Photoshop Elements though we don't officially cover it)

Date: Saturday March 1st 2014, 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Cost: $100

Here's what some of our mom’s that've attended our previous classes have said:

  • ”I attended Samantha’s DSLR Camera Workshop. It was a phenomenal and filled with a ton of information. I was very impressed with its overall organization. Samantha and her husband Cory share a deep passion for photography and it shows! It is always a breath of fresh air to come in contact with someone that is as talented as these two and who are willing to share some of their ‘secrets.’ I would recommend this workshop to anyone, whether you are simply a 'mom with a camera' or if you are like me, a mom who wants to start a business. His Hands Photographs' DSLR Camera Workshop is the place to be!!” – Jenifer
  • “I am a huge fan of His Hands Photographs, so when I heard about the DSLR Camera Workshop, I was quick to sign up. I am very pleased with the outcome. I definitely feel my photography has improved since the class. I now feel even more comfortable with my camera: I am able to effectively shoot in Manual mode (and know the reasons why I should) and I now know how to post a more-clear picture online! In addition, we learned about the camera functions, shooting/posing techniques and digital editing. I highly recommend the class for beginner and intermediate level photo enthusiasts!” – Shauna
  • “I learned so much from Sam & Cory during my class! I have a Canon DSLR and have wanted to take that next step in photography. I knew there was no one better to learn from. I mainly shot all my photos in the 'Sports' or 'Auto' mode. I had also read that by shooting in RAW you could get so much more from your pictures while still having the ability to adjust levels & lighting in them, but I was just scared! During the His Hands workshop I took a leap of faith & I have not looked back since! Shooting in Manual has given me the ability to make a wonderful picture that I just can't do using the 'Auto' function. Everything came together so nicely in the class and they were both so great with the hands-on help! It was great to have them there, put you in a session-style situation, and then offer their help, knowledge and guidance on how to make great photos! Even better, they put together a great book of everything we went over in the class. I look back on my book all the time! I would highly recommend this class to those of you who are wanting to become photographers or to all moms like me who want great pictures of our kids! Thanks So Much Sam & Cory!” – Stephanie

Whew… That’s it! Are you READY? Our last class was full within 10 days!! I expect this workshop to do the same! We are limiting the class size again so you can get the personal instruction and attention that you deserve!

To book our class, email us at or call us at (205) 862-3374 and we'll get an invoice to you right away. You only need a $100 non-refundable retainer which is due to hold your spot in the class. The retainer must be paid within 7 days of requesting your place in the class. The remaining balance is due