Weddings aren't just another event for our business.  They are each individually precious and beautiful in our eyes.  One of the few sacred and irreplaceable moments that happen in a person's life is when they get married, and few other moments come even close.  No two weddings are ever the same and we consider it a marvelous and special privilege to be able to spend the "behind the scenes" time with both families throughout the day. The flowers will pass, the food will be eaten, and the dress will be put in a closet, but your wedding photos will last for generations.  Have you ever sat down to a photo album with your parent's or grandparent's family photos in them?  We know we do and every time we look through them we cherish every portrait we see.  The more that time passes by, the more value each and every photograph has to us because they tell a story of our unique family history which is something we can't ever recreate. Having photographed dozens of weddings, you can trust His Hands Photographs with recording one of the most important days of your lives.   We're a locally owned, family business and all we have done since 2007 is professional photography.  Don't put this once-in-a-lifetime event in the hands of anyone less than a full-time, professional photographer.