What to Wear

There are a few classic combinations which complement each other well like white and khaki or white and blue jeans.  However, if you’ve had time to look through a lot of my portfolio then you’ve probably noticed that I encourage lots of color! If you have the classic white and khaki portrait in mind, I also encourage you to bring a change of clothing for a totally different look.

An easy technique is to choose an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself (usually it is mom I am speaking to here) and then coordinate the rest of the subjects along with you.  Try not to match the colors perfectly, but rather pick a few shades in the same color family.  This will bring a better sense of depth and eye appeal to your portraits. Many of our clients will lay out clothing choices out and send me a cell phone picture so I can give my opinion. I also have a what to wear pinterest page that I have collected many ideas for portrait sessions: What to Wear Pins.

For High School Seniors, I want to talk to you more about your session. It is important to me to capture who you are now and make your session unique. What do you do for fun? What activities are you involved in? Do you know where you plan to go to college? These are all things I will ask about your session so we can decide on what to wear and what props we can use in your session. For a full senior session, I suggest 3 to 4 outfits.

For newborn sessions, I have collected tons of props for newborn sessions. It may look like I am moving into your home when I arrive for your in-home newborn session. I will show you the props I have to get a feel for your preferences and look around your home to find anything that will personalize your session with your sweet baby. For Mom and Dad (and siblings), I suggest neutral shirts like white, black, or cream.

For engagement sessions, if you have a session with two outfits, I suggest one dressy outfit and one casual. If you have scheduled a mini engagement session, talk to me about the location and the vision for the session and I can direct you on what to wear. I am here to help!


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