What to Expect for Family Portraits

Unless you’ve already had a session with me, I understand that you may have a lot of questions.  I have gone through the family portrait experience as a family more than once and know how intense it can be trying to decide the perfect date, the perfect clothes, and hopefully the perfect moods when it all comes down to portrait time.  Here’s a very basic idea of what to expect…

Once the session is booked you’ll talk back and forth with me through email, but we can talk by phone, if necessary.  We will talk about personalities, number of people, what you’re wanting from portraits and then, based on all of that, I will choose the perfect location.  After that, if you need help with things like deciding what to wear or what kinds of props (if any) to include, then I am here to help you and have tons of ideas for every type of session.  It’s really different from one session to another, but I can tailor it to your personal needs. (Want a good laugh…. ask me about the time I have to reschedule my own family session because I couldn’t find anything to wear!!??)

And now for the realistic part of what I have to share =)  It doesn’t always go as planned!  Sometimes the perfect clothes get a drink spilled on them on the way to the session.  Sometimes you just can’t figure out the outfits to begin with.  Sometimes everything is going smoothly and then one of the kids decides they’re just not interested in pictures and shuts down.  Or someone comes down with an illness, scrapes a knee, or decides to play “barber shop” the night before portrait day!  I have seen it all including some things not listed and I can work with anything. If you are worried about a problem with your session, even the night before, I am available by email or text and we can talk through your concerns.

Here’s an example that will hopefully ensure you that I can completely sympathize with unexpected family situations leading up to having portraits made.  On our first official portrait session with another professional photographer, it turned out that my beautiful and precious Sarah didn’t quite meet the “perfect mood” criteria after riding 2400 miles to the session.  But, I just took a deep breath and remembered what I tell all of our clients: trust the professional!  I did and the results were far more than I ever dreamed.  And because I didn’t let myself become frustrated, I ended up with dozens of absolutely precious photos, ones I still cherish to this day (this was in 2010).

Having photographed literally hundreds of families over the past years you can trust me that I have seen everything and know how to make joyful and sweet family portraits in almost every situation.

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