Bad weather? Under the weather? Rescheduling a Session

Sometimes even with the best of intentions rescheduling the portrait session may be in your best interest.  If the weather turns too sour to shoot (electronics and children both react poorly to rain and lightning :p) or if your child becomes ill before the session, we can always choose another date. In the event of rain, I will contact you via email or by phone a few days before your session to talk about our options.

Its always better to reschedule than to risk bad weather or red-cheeked, puffy-faced family members.  Even if this happens during a milestone moment in your child’s life, there’s always at least a small window in which we can try it again.  You’ll thank yourself for waiting for the perfect pictures rather than trying to do it in spite of the circumstances.  And, with His Hands Photographs being a family owned business and with photography being all I do, I am very understanding and flexible concerning these things.

Even if your little one falls down and scrapes a knee, an elbow, or his or her face (it so often “coincidentally” happens right before your session; kids seem to know!), typically we do not need to reschedule. Please snap a picture of the damage with your phone or digital camera, send it to us in an email, and you’ll be amazed at what we’re capable of correcting after the session!


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