One of the things I hear many times, “How am I going to pick from all of these beautiful portraits?!”  I know the feeling having gone through it myself a couple of times!  I are more than willing to help you with this if you need it.  I have lots of tips and ideas for what to choose, from what sizes look best on your walls, to ideas on ordering multiple print, canvas, and standout arrangements. I also have a pinterest page with display ideas: Display Idea Pins.

But, even if you’ve gone over and over the portraits and still can’t decide, one of the most popular selections is a disk of all of your images with a document that gives you rights to prints as many of them as you want in whatever size you want up to an 8×12 print.  Not to mention you can other things like announcements, invitations, t-shirts, coffee cups, jewelry, custom collages, an on and on… I also have recommendations on the best quality printing for your digital images.

With that said, let’s get started…

Two Ways to Submit Your Order!

  • By Email – whether you’re ordering one of the packages or choosing a selection of ala carte items, it’s as easy as sending me an email with what prints, canvases, albums, and other items needed.  Simply tell me the image numbers you’d like along with the size and I will respond with an invoice for your review.  Once your payment has been made, I send off your order for processing!  It’s that easy!
  • The Shopping Cart – When you login to view your gallery you will already be in the shopping cart area!  At the top of the screen you will see a few options…
    • Home or Gallery – either one of these will take you to the “main page” of your portrait gallery and are where you will begin when you login.  Click one of these if you get lost and want to start over.
    • Packages – Click this to take a look at our packages first!  Before you can add portraits to a package, you need to add the package you’d like to your cart.  After that you can start filling it in with whatever images you choose.  You can even set the crop on your images so you can see what it will look like before you receive anything!
    • Multi-Image Products – This is where you will order your DISK of Images! Digital files can be ordered in two ways:
      • Slideshow – if you’re in the Slideshow mode and see one you like, just click the “Add to Cart” button:

        • addtocart


        • Then select “Digital File” from the “Order Individual Prints” –>”Select a Size” menus on the right.
      • Thumbnail Gallery – Click the thumbnail of the image and the follow the same steps as in the slideshow.
    • Checking Out – Anywhere you see the shopping cart button, you can click on it to go to your basket.  It looks the same as the icon circled in red above.  Once in your cart you can click “Check Out“.
      • On the “Check Out” page all of the information is required before your payment can be processed!
      • Coupon Code – Be sure to use your Coupon Code issued to you when your gallery was placed online!  This is how you apply your print credit when using the shopping cart!  If you’re at all unsure how to do this, please contact me at sam@hishandsphotographs.com for more information.

Ordering packages

I have spent a lot of time carefully designing the packages so I can cater to a wide variety of needs.  I know everyone’s home is different and even the reason for buying portraits changes from one person to the next.  The selection of packages should have something for everyone.

Also, if you see a package you like, but there’s an item in there you might want to trade for something else, fell free to at least ask me what you’re interested in changing.  In some cases I can swap things like a set of wallets for an 8×10, an 8×10 for a couple of 5x7s, or something similar.

There are two ways to order packages!  Either online through the shopping cart, or by simply sending me an email with what you’d like in the package.  Please note that in the shopping cart you have to add the package you’d like to the cart first before you can add picture to the packages!

Ordering ala carte
Sometimes you need a few extra prints, or you have a specific arrangement or set of frames you’d like to fill.  Ala carte ordering is for you.  If ordering via email, just tell me the sizes and image numbers via email and you’re set!  If you prefer using the shopping cart, all you need to do is select the image you want in print and then click the “Order Individual Prints” button to the right.  From there you can select the sizes and quantities that you’d like!

Ordering albums
Albums are a little bit different in that they take more time to create than the other products.  I custom create your design and then discuss it back and forth with you until everyone loves it!  The actual albums can take up to a few weeks to either press print or hand bind and cover, depending on which style you select.

You pick your favorite pictures to fill the pages, usually about 4 to 6 images per page, and then I put them together into a beautiful album design.  I put a lot of time, heart, and soul into each one, and they’re so worth the wait.

Delivering your order depends on what you’ve ordered.  I have many types of products, some of which are custom made, so they may have different arrival dates than other items.

Did you order prints?
Prints are delivered straight to your home within 2 weeks of the payment received.

Digital File CDs, Canvases, and Albums
All three of these products are custom made and are not included in the same shipment as your prints.  These will be sent to you as soon as they’re ready and all of them are very much worth waiting for!

Going out of town?
If you’re not going to be home for an extended period of time, we are perfectly fine with holding your shipment until you’ve returned.  It’s as easy as letting us know before you pay for your order.  Otherwise, once your order is paid for it gets processed and is on its way to you pretty fast.

Shipping to more than one person
A lot of times families will pool together and place one large order and then ask to have it shipped out to the individual people.  We don’t mind at all shipping to as many places as you’d like!  While we include shipping in the main order (usually the person who booked the session), I do ask $25 for each additional address that I send as order to or with a $100 print minimum order, the extra shipping fee is waived.

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