Best Times to Shoot

Beautiful photography is all about beautiful light.  Whether indoor or outdoor, morning or night, you can either create the perfect lighting or let the natural conditions decide for you. It’s hard to beat the perfect color tones found early in the morning or right before dusk.

If you’re wanting an outdoor, natural light session then the absolute best time of day is the last hour and a half before sunset.  Sunrise light is great too and I am more than happy to do that, but it’s not often that all the subjects in the session are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 530 in the morning 🙂  Basically, as long as you  have some gorgeous side-lighting, then you have everything you need to make the most flattering, beautiful portraits possible.

I also know that babies and families cannot always make an evening session and I am always ready to work around nap time. I am a mom and I understand. I may suggest a different location should we choose a session time later in the morning or earlier in the afternoon, but I can advise you on the best times and you can tell me what works best for your family.

One thing I am asked about all of the time is if I have enough light to shoot portraits when it’s cloudy?  Well, if it’s also raining, then no. I usually reschedule due to rain (not always… I have had some fun in sessions in the rain!) But if it’s just cloudy then it’s actually ideal light to photograph in during any time of the day.  All of the skin tones are soft and even, almost with a dreamy feel to it.  So, as long as the rain stays away on your session day, I do not mind it being overcast at all. (Photographers are weird and LOVE overcast days!)

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