Merry Christmas Giveaway!!

We are Christmas nuts in the Ferguson house! We decorate in November… we start listening to Christmas music in October (hangs head in shame…). We can’t get enough Christmas!! This year has been great because my son is getting old enough to teach him the real reason we celebrate and he gets it! I love it!!

Our shopping is done… the gifts are wrapped… the fridge is full of yummy food and we are looking forward to family and friends filling our house this weekend. I can hardly wait! My kids are beside themselves and keep asking “can we open our gifts yet???:. We have a big celebration at our house tomorrow where we will snack on yummy appetizers and attend church. We are looking forward to the Christmas service at our new church. So many things to be grateful for this year and I want to share the love! Between now and tomorrow night, I am giving away one more gift. Leave a comment on the blog about why you love this time of year and why you want to win a portrait session. Please read the rules below!

1. Only one entry per person, per email address. No cheating… I have ways on tracking the entries. 🙂

2. Session must take place before June 1, 2011. No exceptions.

3. Session is for your immediate family only. (Up to 6 people).

4. Comments must be on this blog and not on Facebook. Facebook does not allow contests without prior approval. Facebook comments do not count.

5. Session is for a week day session, you may pay to upgrade to a weekend session for additional $25. ($100 value with a $25 print credit).

6. Winner must claim prize by December 31st or another winner will be chosen.

And because I can’t post on the blog without pictures… here are a few from our now annual tradition of “decorating” a gingerbread house. The kids really enjoyed eating the candy and were on a sugar rush for 2 days. Good stuff… 🙂

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I am Samantha Ferguson of His Hands Photographs. I specialize in photographing weddings, families, children, and high school seniors. I have the best job in the world! I document the most amazing moments for the most incredible people.
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  1. Ann Bauer

    I think Christmas is such a magical time, especially now that I have a child of my own. It is so fun to see things through her eyes and teach her the true meaning of this time of year. She will be two in January, she was the best after Christmas present I ever got, and I would love to win a portrait session to have her two year old pictures made.

  2. Tracy Williams

    Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the sights and smells. I love the memories, new and old. I love the traditions, cherished and started. Christmas to me is about hope and faith,two things I have spent a lot of time practicing and growing. God has blessed me in so many ways. Three years ago, He blessed me with the greatest gift, a gift of hope and expectation in that of what wold become my beautiful daughter. Believing in the God of “less than 105 chances” after many heartbreaks was not easy but I trusted Him to be faithful. Just as Mary must have done when God called her to be the mother of Jesus. I know get to share both of these stories with my miracle child and I cannot wait to celebrate all of Christmas with her this year. She knows who Jesus is and I love her her singing “heav’n mature sing!” to the top of her lungs. God is so good and I am so blessed. I would love for you to photograph her again. I treasure photos of her and remembering the events they document. I hope to have you shoot her again one day soon regardless of the contest. Merry Christmas and God Bless you in 2011!

  3. Cynthia Herron

    Thanksgiving thru Christmas is the best time of year….its full of family and friends, near and far with so many things to be thankful for! I want to win this contest so that I can finally get some pictures of my family of three becoming a family of four and in hopes that if I win, it gets the Ferguson family to visit So Cal much sooner than later 🙂

  4. Meg Bruck

    Since we are Jewish I really feel like we get to enjoy the holidays without any of the stress that I see around me. The city looks beautiful this time of year with all the lights and decorations, and people are walking around wishing each other good cheer. Everyone is excited and it rubs off. But we don’t have to stress about the last minute shopping or finding the gift that won’t make the mil turn up her nose or seeing the family we don’t really want to see. I can sit back, relax with my family and celebrate the passage of another year.

  5. Angie Wharton

    I so love the Christmas holiday.I enjoy the shopping, decorating, the whole feeling. I love having my children at home. Having them around most of the day is awesome. Most of all thought I LOVE Christmas day. Its quiet and the world has to come to a stop. The stillness of that day makes one remember what the day is really about. I mean stillness. A baby born in a manger. How cool is that.

    I would love to win a session not even so much for me but for the two little guys we are adopting from Uganda. How wonderful it will be to announce their arrival with a new family picture. Gotta show them off! Gotta show off how amazing adoption is and how amazing the God we serve is.

  6. The thing I love most about Christmas is spending time with my family. I would like to win this because we have never had family pictures taken and our son is 2 and my husband had a car accident last weekend and it would be a nice gift to give him.

  7. Amanda Crump

    I love Christmas because we get to remember and celebrate the birth of the greatest gift of all. My little girl was born one year ago today (23rd). She was a little early and very sick for awhile, but she is our special Christmas miracle. This year I look forward to my now very healthy and very sweet one year old girl and my sweet 3 year old son enjoying all the traditions and celebrations that Christmas brings. I love seeing my son’s eyes light up at all the sights of Christmas! I would love to win this session because we have never had a family portrait and I LOVE your work! Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  8. Tracy Perry

    I love Christmas because of the family traditions it brings. This year will be bittersweet since it will be the last Christmas my daughter will be at home. This time next year, she’ll be married starting family traditions of her own. I would love to win a session since we’ve never had a family photo session. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Merry Christmas to you & your family.

  9. Leigh Anne Gregory

    This time of year has a new meaning for my family. It’s always been about family gatherings and gifts that seem to come from no where. But last year two days before Thanksgiving we found out that my mom had Breast Cancer. A week later she had surgery and then the months that followed were a true test of our faith. There were some very difficult days and also some huge tests that God gave us this past year that our whole family overcame. When Thanksgiving came this year I truly learned what these holidays were about. It’s not about the food, gifts, lights, or music it’s about family. It’s about realizing what God gave for us to live this life. And even when we are faced with losing loved ones the eternal gift he gave us can surpass anything that can be wrapped under a tree. This holiday season I am so greatful for the many blessing God has given me with 3 beautiful (somewhat) healthy children, an amazing Husband, and most of all another year with the woman I look up to the most, My Mom.

    It has been almost two years since we have had family pictures, and I so desperatly want to update the ones we have on the wall.

    Thanks for this fabulous give away and I know whomever wins will be very lucky.

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

    Leigh Anne Gregory

  10. Lindsey Dixon

    I love this time of year because I like cold weather and the possibility of snow. I love family traditions and passing them on to my kids. I love remember how exciting Christmas was as a kid and how we waited the entire year for it to come. I can’t wait until my kids really get into the Christmas mood.
    I would love to win a session to capture my little family where it is now. I’m a little sad at the strict June deadline because it means our thrid child won’t be in the pictures, but on the other hand, I don’t have any good pregnancy pictures and so it would be nice to get some!

  11. angie quick

    I love Christmas time because my girls have truely grasped the meaning of Christmas! My youngest daughter Audrey wrapped up one of her own books, The Legend of the Candy Cane, and said that she was going to leave it for Santa on Christmas Eve. She wrote a note to go with the present to leave beside his cookies on Christmas Eve and this is what she wrote….(she is six so her spelling is phonetic so bear with me!!)

    Dear Santa,

    I have a present besid the cooker’s (stove). Santa I am not telling you that you are not aportent (important) but the real meneing of Chrismas is God’s bathday (birthday)!

    I am so thankful that she GETS it!!! I would love to win a session because I am usually the one behind the camera and I would love to have pictures taken as an WHOLE family!! 🙂

  12. L A

    This year at Christmas I am especially excited. My husband and I welcomed our first child on November 11, 2010. We decided he was enough and we did not need to give each other a present. We sent out Christmas cards and since money is tight decided we would reflect on how we are blessed this year on Christmas. We haven’t had the best year. My father was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and his father has heart surgery again… I could go through the list of things that have happened but we’ve chosen to spend the season with our family and daughter forgetting that stress for one day to celebrate. I hope to keep this going as much as possible with my family in the New Year. A portrait session would help freeze this time in our life to help remember what is good and what is positive and to remember EVERY day is a blessing. My Dad loves his first grandaughter and I’d like to give him the world but pictures with her for her to remember who he is once he is gone. Last week he cried and said that’s all he wanted was for her to remeber him. I wish I could give him everything but this would be an awesome gift. Thanks and everyone have a blessed and joyous season.

  13. Kellye Self

    As my children get older, the holidays have changed in tone, but we have managed to keep the importance of the holiday first….and that is celebrating the wonderful gift of a baby for all people and all times. My favorite parts of the holiday season include, of course, watching my daughters perform for family and friends in the Nutcracker, listening to the wonderful hymns and carols and celebrating the season of advent in church. As the big day arrives, I enjoy so much relaxing and spending time with family since they are the one thing in this world that really matters. God bless and Merry Christmas!

  14. Kellye Self

    I forgot to mention why I would like the portrait session. Our lives are so busy and my husband generally only sits still long enough to take portraits when it’s time to do so for the church directory. My oldest is only 1-1/2 years away from college now and I’d like to have a record of our family at this point in time, and you are the best person to make that record, Sam!

  15. Bree D.

    I love this time of year because we get to spend it with family. Over the past few years we haven’t had the chance to be with family because of my husband being in the military and being stationed to far away. This year, now that he is out of the AF, he surprised me with taking our family to my parents house (1500 miles away)for Christmas. It has been the best time being with family, plus it has snowed 2x in the past 4 days. We would love to have a family photo taken by you, our first family photo ever- it would be a great present for anyone who gets the honor of winning.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!

  16. Elizabeth Nielsen

    I absolutely love this time of year. One of my favorite things is seeing so many friends and family members that I do not normally get to see that often. Another one of my favorite things is to cuddle up in a good pair of pjs and watch Christmas movies with all of the decorations of the house lit up in the background. The atmosphere of this time of year is purely magical and reminds me of all of the blessings God has given me! Merry Christmas!

  17. Kerry

    I love this time of year because work and school slow down and we have more time to bond as a family doing things like decorating, looking at beautiful lights, watching Christmas movies, and baking. There is no greater holiday than the birth of our Savior.
    We would love to win a session because we have never had a professional family portrait done and we have just added a third child this year. I would love to capture all of us on film at this moment in time.

  18. Cindy Barnett

    I love the fall and winter season here in Alabama because of the change in seasons you just don’t see in my native Florida. From the time the leaves start changing around October until the possible in February I love every minute of having a real fall and winter. I’m so excited for the possiblity of snow for Christmas this year! I’ve never experienced that before!
    I would love to have a photo session for my husband and I since our Anniversary is Jan 1st. We have been together for 6 years in Jan and I love him more than ever. God has truly blessed me with such a wonderful man.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

  19. Caleigh

    This holiday season has been the best in my 27 years. I have been surrounded by my wonderful family and friends and am reminded every day of how fortunate I am. In my line of work, I see just how stressful this time of the year can be–but I find it has become a habit to turn at least one frown into a smile (actually, I enjoy turning many because I tend to walk around smiling—and really, they are contagious). Although I feel the phrase “it’s Christmas–so I can help you” should be a norm–I am thankful to hear people say it some time of the year. I feel our society has become so uptight and uninterested in bending rules…and it’s made things more unpleasant. But this time of the year, it’s Christmas, so we can cut some slack.

    Why would I love a photography session? I love following photographers and their work. My best friend, Lauren Marx-Abel introduced me to your work when she was married recently. I follow you on facebook for the most part–and love seeing your subjects from your viewpoint. I haven’t had the opportunity to have my own session yet…and figure this could be a good excuse to get my awesome boyfriend to join me in a photo session 🙂 And if he’s weird about it–there’s always my beautiful nephew. That was probably more of a response than you wanted…but that’s just my honesty!!

    Happy Holidays to your family–I look forward to seeing what work you have in 2011!!

  20. ErinA

    I love the air of possiblity that comes with this time of year and the sense that anything can happen.

    Last year we had a very special portrait session from you at this time of year. Much has changed for our family – some for the better, some for the worse since then. It would be special to see that while we have changed, we are still the same family.

  21. Lindy

    I LOVE that Addie is finally old enough to realize what’s going on. I love being able to see all
    Of our family! I love putting up our Christmas tree, and remembering all of the stories behind them…I love it all. 🙂

  22. Amber Rowland

    I love Christmas time. It’s the time of the year when we all make time to see and talk to our friends and family. I love the fun times, good food and good company that leave me exhausted in their aftermath!
    I’d love to win this session. I had a baby boy on 12/1 and have a delightful 15 month old little girl. I’d love to get portraits of them together and also of our family as a whole. They grow up so quickly and I would love to capture some small moments in time to look back on later.

  23. raygen catoe

    When I was a child Christmas was amazing. I was an only child, spoiled by my parents. “Santa” came and brought everything i wanted every year. I never thought Christmas could be better. And then on October the 12 of 2006, I became a mom to a little girl who was born on my birthday. All I could think about was her first Christmas. Now four years later a two more children to celebrate with, I can’t wait for our birthday party for Jesus every December 25th when we eat birthday cake and share in the first Christmas of the newest baby. Christmas did get better and more wonderful because of three little people that made me a mom. Having a photo session would be amazing for our family as we have never had family pics.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  24. Kelly Hicks

    I love this time of year because of what we celebrate – Jesus’ b’day. And because we spend time with family. I love the magic of the season with my children.
    I hope I win the contest because I am crazy about my family and photographs – BUT, I’ve never had a prefessional take pictures of my family. never. makes no sense. Anyone who knows me knows I love photographs, but never had family pictures made. I have no idea why, maybe because I was busy when they were younger, 2 girls born close together – and then the oldest was diagnosed with cancer (she’s well now! we’re very blessed!!). 2 1/2 years of her chemo – and then another baby – my Jonah. And then my husband went back to school to be a minister. And now every free moment and free dollar is tied up with school stuff or church. It’s really rediculous. I’m the one that stalks your pictures on Facebook. 🙂 It would be very awesome to win!!! Merry Christmas! Kelly

  25. A J Cooper

    We would love love love a new family picture & your work is gorgeous!!

  26. Tiffany Hyde

    Christmas is so special because it is the purest expression of love. You can see the love when a parent watches his/her child experience the magic of Christmas. Showering family and friends with gifts from the heart is another manifestation of Christmas love. For me Christmas is extra special, I get to feel especially loved because it is my birthday. My yougest daughter will be one in February and I would love to have a portrait session of her and her sister. The love between them is like Christmas but all year long. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  27. A J Cooper

    Sorry – I accidentally hit the submit button too early — we certainly would love to win this gift & we LOVE your work. Doug and I have been blessed with the sweetest little boy in the world – he is our heart. It is so much fun to celebrate this special time of year with him. He loves to help me cook special treats for everyone and make goodies for his classmates. We enjoy spending time as a family watching silly Christmas movies and just taking time to be together. I think that’s what I love most about this time of year is that we all take time to be with those we love the most to celebrate the birthday of the one who thankfully loved us all the most.

  28. Pam Saunier

    I love Christmas for many reasons, but the first one is because it’s the Savior’s Birthday! The one who came to save my soul! Really don’t need a better reason.

  29. Gretchen Hinkle

    I wish I could tell you I loved Christmas for the music, presents, parties, etc. But I don’t. My favorite part of this Christmas was receiving the email from a friend, a soldier, that we sent a care package to. When he told me he received it and loved all of the Christmas cards, pictures and letters that Anna’s class and our children sent to him, now that, more than any decoration or gift, touched my heart. I could read in a email, sent from the other side of the world, and feel the appreciation, the thankfulness in that small gift that really didn’t cost me anything other than the $3 in postage. Making someone else feel happy, that is what Christmas is about. and that’s what I love about it.

  30. Crystal Phillips

    I love this time of year because it’s the one time of the year that my family is always together…even though mu husband is active duty Army for the past 10 years, we have somehow managed to always have Christmas together…we’ve managed through 3 deployments! We have so many fun traditions with our girls and each year is always special and always a blessing because we never know if Daddy will be home for the next year. I would like to win because to us family photo’s are especially important when a member of the family is missing in a far away country.

  31. Donna Pollard

    To me Christmas is about giving. God sent his own son on Earth so he could be with us, love us, and to die for us. There is no greater gift than that. So I think sometimes people get wrapped up in the gifts, lights, decorations, I am guilty of that myself, but I belive that Christmas should be about giving to those who are in need and less fortunate and just loving and lifting peoples spirits up. Just showing kindness and compassion to people means more than anything.

  32. Alisa Hyde

    Sure hope that you have a great Christmas! I love your photo galleries.

  33. Alisa Hyde

    Sorry I did not read the directions…i love watching my girls and enjoying their excitement of the the tree and all the surprises. Also fun to see their excitement in wrapping a gift for someone else they love. I look forward to Christmas morning and watching my three little blessings.

  34. Danielle Livingston

    Christmas is the best time of the year! It’s a time to reflect on what an awesome God we serve and be thankful for his many blessings.
    If I won the portrait session I would give it to my parents. They have been married for 32 years. They have never had professional portraits done of just them. They have been through so many hardships over those years but still they have maintained a strong marriage. I would love to give this to them!

  35. joseph vonbartheld

    Loved the decorating pics. Priceless

  36. Rachael Sanders

    I love this time of year for getting together with family that we don’t get to see through the year. Of course, I love to see Hannah just beside herself with anticipation for Christmas morning! This year is sad for us though with both my brother and sister-in-law being in Afghanistan. They are coming home on leave in March and this would be a wonderful way to celebrate the little bit of time we get to spend with them before they have to go back until August. I would love to have a picture of all of us together!

  37. Christmas is my favorite time of year especially now as I get older and have grandchildren. Being a grandpartent is so wonderful and much less stressful I think because you realize that the simpilies things in life are the best.

  38. Mina

    I love being able to spend more time with the kids. And of course the shopping deals are a definite plus!

  39. Robin Jourdan

    I love Christmas for all the wonder it holds. For the traditions the we keep during this special time of year and for being able to pass them on to my children. Celebrating the birth of my King, Jesus, and knowing with assurance that the reason we freely give at this time of the year is because He first gave to us the gift of eternal life. I listened today in awe as my 14 yr old son lead prayer for our family get together, I could not of had a better gift!

  40. Emily McNutt

    Christmas; Christ-mas, More Christ. I love Christmas, a time to reflect a little more on my Savior that was born on a bitterly cold night to a young girl who put forth strength through intense pain (without pain relievers)to deliver my King into a barn of damp straw and nearby munching animals. No nurses, no doctor, no heated hospital blanket, or catered meals….maybe even no food. Just Mary and her endearing husband, to hold her while she delivered, our Creator was born. It must have been the longest night imaginable for that tiny family! Their love for each other and you and me, who they did not know at the time, created our celebration and reflection of Christmas!

    So last month when my husband lost his job just days after I had our first son. We faced no jobs, zero dollars in our account, a rough cold winter, and no source of income for food, heat, and possibly losing our home. We realized just how much our Lord gave up at His entrance into this world.
    -We now have a realistic glimpse of the first Christmas, and so now I have Christmas “More Christ” to celebrate in my heart.

  41. Emily McNutt

    I forgot to put why I would like this photo session:
    I have been blessed with a hard-working husband and precious new baby. If this was all I ever had, I would be full of joy! -I would love to document with a photo this Christmas, my favorite one, as our most treasured gift this year was simply our love for each other.

  42. Steven Hicks

    I love EVERYTHING about Christmas. I would love to win the contest because it would make my wife happy.

  43. Misti Evans

    I love this time of year. This Christmas has been extremely difficult for my family this year with the passing of my 9 year old nephew. What a special joy he was to our family for these short years but we will rejoice and know that he is having a wonderful Christmas with our Father Jesus this year. I have realized that with all that has gone on not to take any time for granted. Time with our loved ones and children are precious and we need to cherish them because we are never promised a tomorrow!!! Have a blessed Christmas Holiday Season!!!


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